Jason and the Argonauts
Like many other Greek heroes, Jason was sent on a dangerous mission from the king, who hated him and hoped not to see him again. He was ordered to take the Golden Fleece from Colchis, the kingdom of Pelias. He collected the Argonauts - a group of demigods and heroes, including Hercules and Orpheus, and went on the trip with a ship called "Argo". When they reached Colchis, it became clear that Jason will get the fleece only by performing certain tasks. King's daughter, the magician Medea, offered him her assistance. She gave Jason resistant to fire saleve to harness two fire-breathing oxens and plow a field. Then Jason had to seed dragon teeth, from which grew fierce armed warriors. Medea told him to throw a stone among them, not knowing who did it they attacked each other and soon killed themselves. Then Medea lead Jason in the fleece, which was guarded by a dragon. She used her magic to sedated the dragon, and Jason took the fleece and returned home.

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