According to Greek mythology, human beings were created by image of the gods. According to some myths the creator of mankind is Zeus, but according to most of them, the creator is Prometheus who formed the gods out of from soil. Athena breathed life into these forms, and one of his brothers Prometheus createdthe animals and monsters useing soil. Of all mortal beings only the humans were created to walk upright so that thry can stare at the sky while the animals will look down at the ground. Zeus was not pleased with the new creations, but he didnt try to destroy them.

Unlike his brother Atlas, Prometheus fought on the side of the gods in their war against the Titans. But he didn't obey completely the will of Zeus. Myths say that Prometheus gave mankind fire. He stole it from Olympus on a fennel stem, despite the prohibition of Zeus, who didn't
want the people to become too smart. Due to this deed he was severely punished by the Thundergod. He was chained to Mount Caucasus and each day an eagle came and poked his liver. At night, the wounds healed only to be torn apart again the next day. But the torments of Prometheus did not last forever because after several centuries, Zeus allowed Heracles to kill the eagle with an arrow and release the titan.
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