Introduction to Mythology
Of all the myths about gods and heroes, those of ancient Greece still sound as alive as when Homer for the first time serenaded the Trojan War, when people were talking about the misfortunes of Midas and when young warriors were inspired by the achievements of Heracles. These were times when the Immortal Gods often interfered with the lives of the ordinary mortals from their crystal palaces of Olympus.

Legends of the gods and heroes
Long ago people in Greece believed that the world was controlled by a few all-powerful immortals, called "Gods" . The legends of these gods such as Zeus, Athena and Poseidon and the glorious demigods and heroes, like Hercules, Jason, Theseus - are called myths. Today we can learn about the Olympian gods of the works of many ancient Greeks such as Hesiod, Homer, Apollonius Rhodes. They have left us a rich collection of myths in theyr work. Hesiod, for example, wrote about the birth of the gods and the war, led by Zeus, their king. Zeus rebel against his father, Kronos, for the power over heaven and earth, the underworld and the sea.