Apollo was the god not only of healers, music and poetry, but of the predictions too. He was the ine who spoke through a priestess of Delphi, called Pythias. His symbols were the lyre and the bow, with which he sent the earth epidemics. When during the Trojan War Agamemnon captured Hrizeida, daughter of the priest of Apollo, the god sended the Greeks a plague. Many died, but the wrath of Apollo dried up only when Agamemnon released Hrizeida and allowed her to return to his father.

With its winged hat, winged sandals and herald wand called a caduceus, Hermes was the messenger of the gods and the god of travelers and thieves. When he was born, he ran away from his mother, Maya, stole a herd of Apollo and hid it in a cave where he found a turtle shell. He pulled some strings on it and so the lyre was invented. Then he came back home and wrapped himself again in diapers. Once Apollo understood what happened, he asked Hermes to give his herd back. Hermes denied the theft, but Zeus saw him, so to appease his brother, he began playing the lyre. Apollo was so fascinated by the music that he joyfully accepted the lyre in exchange of his herd.
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