Aphrodite, the goddess of love, was Hephestus' wife, the god's blacksmith. Her weapon was a magical belt. Whenever someone wears it he becomes irresistibly attractive and everyone fell in love with him. Because of this belt, she claimed that she was more powerful than Zeus' himself. Sometimes Aphrodite caused trouble. She really liked Aris, the god of war and one day Hephestus saw them kissing. The god-blacksmith crafted a net from the mythical material adamantium, which couldn't break and threw it at them. Afterwards he called the other gods who started laughing at them.

Often portraited with a carriage, pulled by fire-breathing stallions, Aris, the fiersome god of war, wasn't very loved by the rest of the gods, except by Aphrodite. His sacred bird was the vulture. Aris always weared his helm and spear. Even the ancient greeks preferred asking Athena - the goddess of wisdom - for
advice to Aris - the short-tempered god. His children were Phobos and Deimos, spirits of fear and horror. Aris preferred to live in his home in Thrace to live amongts the rest of the gods on top of Mount Olympus.
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