Hades and Persephonus
Hadec, the lord of the dungeon kingdom, was often portraied wearing his invisibility hat, crafted by the cyclopses and in the company of his three-headed dog Cerberus - the fierce guardian of the underworld. His main weapon was his double bladed pitchfork. His wife is Persephonus, the daughter of Demeter - the goddess of fertility. Demeter hid Persephonus far away from the rest of the gods, so that no one could take her as a wife. But once, while she was gathering flowers, the maiden met Hades, who took her to his dark realm. Demetra was devastated by the loss and the land became bare and infertile. Zeus ordered Hades to give her back, but it was too late - he tricked her into eating four pomegranate berries, which meant that she was supposed to be going back to him every year for four months where in the same time the earth became bare and infertile. That way the myth explains winter.

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