Zeus, the god of the sky, was the lord of the olympian gods and married his sister - Hera, who ruled alongside him. Zeus was also called "father of gods", because he was the guardian of moral and justice for both gods and mortals. He watched over their deeds, and those who were evil were struck by lightning or were cursed with endless pain in Tartar. Zeus' kingdom was on top of Mount Olympus, his major temple was om Olympia,where his arch oracle - in Dodona. His favorite son was the demi-god Heracle, who finally found his place amongst the immortals. Despite most of the myths about Zeus being husband to Hera, he had other wives. It is said that he was married to Metida, mother of Athena; to Leta, mother of Apollo and Arthemis, and Maya, mother of Hermes. Hera was very jelous of his other wives and was often angry to him.

Hera, the queen of Olympus, was the goddes of marriage and motherhood. She was mother of Ares, the god of war, and Hephestus, the god-blacksmith. Her major temple was in Argos, Peloponesus.
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