If you look at a picture of Mount Olympus, you will get an idea of how big the Titans were, as the whole mountain was only the throne of Cronos. Not much time passed and Kronos started acting just like his father. He married Rhea, his sister, and she gave birth to the gods, Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Hades, Poseidon and Zeus. But Cronus swallowed all his children right after their birth, because Gaia and Uranus warned him that he was also ordered to be beaten by one of them. Like Gaia, Rhea was worried about their children. So when Zeus, the last child, came, she hid him in a cave in the mountain Dictate, of Crete. Then she wrapped a stone in a baby diaper and gave it to Cronus to swallow it instead of the little god. Zeus vowed to avenge his father. When he grow up, he forced Cronus to vomit the stone first , then all of his brothers and sisters. Then he led the gods in fierce war against the evil Titans. Then the one-eyed Cyclops and hekatonheyrs came to help Zeus, who set them free from Tartarus. Zeus was throwing thunderbolts and the hekatonheyrs were throwing huge rocks, the sea was boiling and the land bursted into flames. Finally, after ten years of war, Zeus banned Kronos and the Titans from the heavens. He banned them in the black cave of Tartarus and bound them with chains so strong that I they can never rise up against him and other gods.

The draw of the Gods
After winning the war, the gods threw a lot to divide their possessions. Zeus, who became their king, received the sky. Poseidon drew the sea and became the master of all aquatic life. And their brother Hades received Tartarus. But nobody got the earth, it remained under their general powers.
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