Birth of Athena
Athena was a child of Zeus and his wife Methida and the history of her birth was very peculiar. When Methida became pregnant, Zeus was very frightened that one of his children might overthrow him so he consumed the mother in order to prevent his defeat. But once he did this he felt strong pain in his head. After that, Hephestus, the blacksmith, carefully opened Zeus' skull with his axe and from his head came out the child of Methida, Athena, fully armored and armed.

The ancient citizens of Athens couldn't decide which of the gods should be their guardian - Athena or Poseidon. Both of the gods offered gifts to the city. Most of the myths tell that Athens made an olive tree grow, where Poseidon smashed a cliff with his trident, from which a salty stream flowed. Some state that Poseidon created the first horse for the city. Anyways, the people chose Athena for their patron and named their city after her. They also built a magnificent temple and a statue in her honor on top of the Acropolis.
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