In the begining of the time there was nothing but a vast abyss of Chaos. Chaos gave birth to Gaia, the Earth; Tartarus, the place beneath the earth; and Eros, the god of love. After that the Day and Night came,as well as Erebus, the dark light of Tartar. Gaia gave life to Uranus - the heaven - and then the mountains and the sea. She married Uranus and their children were the Hekatonheyrs, the Cyclops and the mighty Titans.

Uranus feared his children, the Titans, and hated them. After their birth, Uranus locked them in deep in Tartarus, not to see daylightever again. He was pleased with the terrible deed, but his wife Gaia was sad and she was looking for ways to save her children. She made ​​the sickle made out of diamonds and gave it to Cronus - the youngest and most fearsome titan who set a trap to his father, he attacked him and beat him. When the nature of Uranus, celestial matter, fell on the Earth, it gave birth to the giants, the storms, the nymphs and Aphrodite.
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